OPPO launched their new flagship mobile phone the OPPO F7 given the success of the previous installments such as OPPO F3 and F5 back in 2017. The new OPPO F7 comes with new Artificial intelligence system given multiple hours of research in artificial intelligence. Stick with us in this review and we will provide all the new developments in the OPPO F7 Review;

AI-Powered Photography

“Capture the real you”, it is the most prominent tagline of OPPO. But the company has taken their claim to a whole new level providing you with the world’s first artificial intelligence oriented 25-megapixels camera. The use of artificial intelligence ensures that the selfies you take with this incredible piece of technology are just flawless, vivid and more appreciable in every context.

The same Artificial Intelligence allows the user to unlock their phone using 128 different unique recognition points on their faces. This strategy makes the overall security and integrity of the mobile device more intact and helps to provide a more secure and encrypted platform where you can send, receive, share and store your personal data given the extra security feature your device has.

More equipped and flawless systems

Apart from the photography, all the other systems present on the phone are also now equipped with the latest upgrades and the latest available features present in the market. The new flagship device comes with a new 6.23 inch full HD display screen which is clearly 16 percent larger as compared to any other option present in the market. The multitasking feature is also available on this screen where you can split the screen in half, use it for multitasking such as call and operate other features of the phone.

But when it comes to the storage and processing system of the new OPPO F7 it has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM, you won’t have to worry about storage or overall speed of the device because it is already more than enough for a mobile user. According to a performance test hosted by OPPO, the new OPPO F7 showed 80% best performance as compared to the predecessors.

The color system is also updated to the latest definition which helps to present more vivid and bright colors on the screen so that you can have a complete professional experience and also to capture the real moments with their full integrity.

Latest upgraded operating system

The new OPPO F7 runs on the latest operating system powered by Android Oreo 8.1 and it is easily upgradable to the new Android system. The new OS system allows you to use various features of your smartphone such as incredible speed, the support from Android as well as all the latest updates and apps from the play store.

The 3400 mAh battery allows you to enjoy a consistent usage for the whole day also the instant charging system helps you to charge your phone in a short timeframe. Rest assured you can experience the full professional experience with the new OPPO F7 and won’t have to worry about anything at all.

The Verdict

OPPO F7 performs wonderfully when it comes to the display and camera of the phone and these are the only two features which most buyers look for in their next phone. Although, there are various other features to enjoy here not to mention the incredible battery as well as the latest OS support from Android. But mostly this phone should be your buying decision only if you are concerned with the battery as well as the display of the smartphone but if this isn’t your first priority then there are other features to look for as well. It’s always something which you would very much like to have for your new smartphone. You can get the Oppo F7 on Jumia